Private Residential Home

-Installation of wallpaper and bespoke soft furnishings -

Private Residential Home

This home was in need of a couple of different design perks to add to the existing interior. In the bedroom, I was commissioned to install the gorgeous wallpaper, make the curtains and shorten the existing net curtains. The main curtain fabric was chosen to enhance the space; after considering the other elements in the room, a rich dark fabric was chosen. The curtains are completed with a pencil pleat heading, lining and a new curved pole was chosen to accommodate the bay window. In the living room, new cushions and cushion covers were desired to match the existing space and more specifically the curtains; the cushions are all bespokely made. For the cushion covers, existing cushion pads were used to maximise the current wares and minimise costs; the new cushions were made to different sizes and then filled with cushion stuffing.


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