Perveen Kaur

Mural Artist
-Luxuriously Bespoke Contemporary Murals - Hand Finished to Order-

Who I Am

A London based artist from a family of artisans and craftsmen; painted murals for 10 years and has a love for colour and mixing styles.

Trained at KLC School of Design in Interior Design, giving a significant advantage for understanding and designing to suit a well chosen interior scheme, both residential and commercial.


What I Do

Working with private clients and designers, I design and paint free-hand artworks directly onto any suitable wall surface, no canvas required. The designs are bespoke to integrate harmoniously with the interior reflecting colour, style or content.

Murals can be any size, from a small drawing to a full room; they are finished in emulsion with occasional use of acrylics. Taking murals a step further by adding various 3D finishes directly into the piece, adds another dimension. This can include layering thickened paint, piping paint and plaster to form delicate 3D patterns and simple wall sculpting by applying plaster then sculpting into shape.


At a glance

A small selection of murals completed both in plain emulsion (flat finish) and some with 3D finishes, in various styles. Go to Portfolio for more images.


T: +44 7473 441832