Art Projects

Painting consists of many varieties; I myself adore them all. The wall is a large canvas, the backdrop of a room and as such should have a prominent place in an interior scheme. Bespoke paint work allows for much flexibility that doesn't come easily with other methods of wall finishes. Painting a wall one flat colour limits the choice of colour and the placement. Wallpaper while beautiful, can have installation issues resulting in distinct lines between each drop, a repeat pattern that could be too much for one wall and the limits of needing to cover an entire wall. Of course bespoke wallpaper is a way forward and yet, installation can still be an issue. The bespoke work, whether a full art mural or a decorative finish, bypasses restrictions on scale, location, content and installation problems.

Below is a collection of various art projects undertaken. Each one has a distinct flavour and uses different techniques as well as different styles. Click on any project for more information and images.


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