3D Decorative Finish

- A 3D Decorative Finish -

3D Decorative Finish

A decorative finish is a subtle alternative to a mural or other wall finish. It allows for seamless designs across walls in any colour and with any subtle design on it. 3D finishes add another layer of depth. They are usually to be executed as part of the background and not brought out as the main feature of the design. The 3D elements are piped onto a ready surface and is made of a delicate mix of plaster. It is then sanded and any paint effects are applied on top such as this finish. Because the colours and effects can be subtle, they can be applied to large walls and across a room. The flexibility allows the design to change according to the wall size and space available and even change colours or style slightly around the room.

The 3D design is designed on paper first and then a sample completed to show the final finish.


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