Perveen Kaur

- Artist - Designer -

Residential and Commercial Interiors


Hello! I am a London based artist and designer from a family of artisans and craftsmen. I've been designing interiors, decorating properties and painting murals for 10 years; got a love for colour and mixing styles!

Completing training at KLC School of Design in Interior Design gives me a solid background for designing interiors, a distinct advantage for designing and painting decorative wall finishes/murals to suit an existing interior scheme or a new scheme all together.


Painting Services

Painting services include simply painting walls one colour along with wood work, executing decorative paint finishes on any number of suitable walls and painting bespokely designed murals. Murals can range from simple/complex patterns, to trees, to food inspired pieces and geometric pieces. Both decorative finishes and murals can include texture and 3D elements finished mostly with plaster effects.

Bespoke decorative wall finishes and murals are an alternative to wallpaper, one colour walls and other plaster finishes; to get smooth flowing designs across a wall without wallpaper lines; to not be constrained by colour, style or scale; and to have full control over the content and design.


Interior Design Services

Interior design services are completed at affordable rates for rental properties and residential homes. Services includes designing new schemes or sprucing up current schemes with new layouts, furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, wall finishes and window treatments.

Any paintwork, wallpaper installation, curtain/cushion making and property staging for rentals is completed myself. Other 'handyman' tasks are completed by my contractors.


Art Projects

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Interior Projects

For more information and images on these and other projects, go to 'INTERIOR PROJECTS'


T: +44 7473 441832